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Expired Coupon Code for Via Rail Last Updated February 22, 2012
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    Use this Via Rail Canada coupon code and save by getting a corporate discount. Simply Select corporate rate even if you don't have a card to get your discount.
    • MXF03/04/2012
      When you use this code, it says you need to present a Hudson Bay Company corporate ID when you pick up your ticket. Does anybody know if it that's true? Has anyone used the code without a HBC id? Thanks.
    • Adam10/03/2012
      Yup, they do check. In fact, they've programmed this code so that their system won't issue an eticket, to force you to go to deal with a ticket agent to pick up a paper ticket, at which time they will ask for your corporate ID, and if you don't have it, they will reverse the discount AND charge you the applicable service charge (anywhere from 25% to 50% of the fare)because you are then doing a ticket exchange. Best advice: NOT WORTH IT - YOU WILL GET ASKED FOR ID EVERY TIME.
    • colormered02/12/2013
      The via system will let you use the coupon, however NOTE you need to present a teachers ID when you pick up your tickets. At least I had to. Cuz I didn't have one, I had to pay the coupon difference.
    • hhhdd05/21/2013
      The coupon saved $3 but my girlfriend was asked for her card. Upon not being able to present she was required to pay the difference.
    • ViaScam11/22/2013
      Tried this and since I could not produce ID, they forced me to pay on the spot or they would have police escort me out of the train at the next stop. Took option 1. Tried it on way back to see if this is common, and yes got asked for ID again, so paid the surcharge. Never trying again, not worth it.

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